Wild Ferment - Pinot Noir


Our La Escultura Vineyard is located just 32 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean in the Casablanca Valley. This region receives a strong coastal influence that moderates temperatures during the growing season and ripening period. Summers are moderately warm with morning fog and cool breezes from the sea in the afternoon that allow for uniform and gradual ripening that helps conserve the natural aromas and flavours of the grapes and ensures the desired acidity levels. These conditions make the Casablanca Valley a privileged place for producing cool-climate varieties such as Pinot Noir. The soil presents fine clay and sandy-loam textures with low vigour potential. Vineyard management includes drip irrigation, and the vines are trellised to vertical shoot position.


Our 2012 Casablanca Wild Ferment Pinot Noir was made with the native yeasts that are normally present on the skins of the grapes. These yeasts produce a greater combination and proportion of by-products under the demanding conditions imposed by the fermentation process and therefore the wine develops more complex and distinctive aromas and flavours. Prior to fermentation the bunches were gently destemmed, and 65% underwent a 5–7-day cold soak at 8ºC and then allowed to ferment in open top tanks. Total skin contact, including a post-fermentation maceration, was 10 to 20 days. The wine was aged for 10 months in French oak barrels, 17% of which were new.

Harvest Notes
Harvest Date: Second week of march

Historic Averages:

- Average temperature (October–April): 20.6°C
- Daily Temperature Oscillation (October-April): 17.9°C
- Annual Precipitation: 296 mm

The 2011–2012 season was relatively warm. During the months of November, December, and January, both the average minimum and maximum temperatures were higher than the historic average. The month of February was the warmest month of the season, which differs from historic records in that the warmest month is usually January. The season’s heat summation was 1,387 Degree Days, 120 DD more than in the 2010–2011 season. The absence of precipitation during the season contributed to the impeccable health of the grapes at harvest time.

Winemaker's Comments

Ruby red with bright violet nuances, the nose of our 2012 Wild Ferment Pinot Noir offers red fruits such as cherries, raspberries, and exotic fruits such as feijoa, along with notes of dill and red tobacco against a floral backdrop that recalls roses and lavender. The palate stands out for its red fruit with light notes of toast and nuts such as hazelnuts. This medium- to big-bodied wine features tannins that lend structure and very good acidity in an elegant style with good weight on the palate and a long life ahead in the bottle.

100% Pinot Noir
13.5º GL.
Acidez Total: 
6.45 g/l (tartaric acid)
Azucar residual: 
2.60 g/l